Revit MEP training

Burraq Engineering Solutions is a company that offers Revit MEP training courses. They may offer a variety of training programs, including on-site and online courses, to help individuals and organizations learn how to use Revit MEP effectively. Training can include hands-on exercises and real-world projects to help students apply what they have learned to their own work. Their courses can be designed for different levels of experience and focus on specific aspects of the software such as HVAC, electrical, l, and plumbing design. The company may also offer certification to those who successfully complete the training. Revit MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) is a software application used by engineers, designers, and contractors to design and document building systems. Revit MEP training typically includes topics such as navigating the interface, creating and editing building components, creating and managing views, using annotations and dimensions, and creating and analyzing systems. Some training programs also include advanced topics such as creating and managing families, job sharing, and creating construction documents. There are various training options such as self-paced online tutorials, face-to-face sessions, and live online training.


Revit MEP training

Revit MEP Training

Autodesk has a Revit MEP forum where users can ask quest, ions, share knowledge and research Revit MEP topics. Our specialized Services specialize in developing accurate and detailed MEP modeling with the required LOD and according to the BIM execution plan. Revit map training in Lahore, Develop models of m, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems according to defined spaces and zones in the building model.

Revit MEP Course Details

  • Introduction Revit Start-Up
  • Ribbon and Quick Access Tool Bar
  • More Ribbon and Properties Panel
  • Project Browser and options
  • Customizing User Interface
  • Selection in Revit
  • Navigation in Revit
  • Preferences
  • Starting Project with Template
  • Setup Template for Project
  • Create Custom templates
  • Using Snaps/settings
  • Adding Levels
  • Wall Command
  • Door, Windows, and Small Project
  • Modify Panel
  • Wall Joins
  • Measure the Distance between Two Points
  • Setting Up Levels and Units and Walls
  • Walls …
  • Adding Doors
  • Adding Windows
  • First Floor Walls
  • First Floor Windows, Doors, Roof
  • Adding stairs
  • Adding Topo surface and Driveway
  • Adding Fixture and Section
  • Adding Room Element
  • Linking CAD File
  • Import CAD Files
  • Link Revit Files
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Dimensions
  • Adding Materials
  • Rendering
  • Final Project

There’s no need to go through endless training courses, learning from books and manuals. With Revit training in Pakistan, you’ll use Revit software for creating the construction documents and will be able to develop them using and parametric modeling, electronic hardware design software and will be exposed to the, latest tools, tools, and ways of working with the software.

Revit MEP Training in Pakistan is an integrated and accelerated training program that covers all aspects of MEP Implementation. The curriculum is designed for, architects, engineers, and construction managers who work in the project development phase of many types of projects including universities is, hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings. The curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of all areas related to the use of Revit MEP software.